Advancing Leaders

"None of us is smarter than all of us"

Tim Cain

Tim Cain has a rare combination of applied and theoretical leadership expertise. Having served as a British Army Infantry Officer for over twenty eight years on operations around the world, his professional specialisation is as a trainer and training manager for which he was awarded the M.B.E. He has reinforced his practical experience through continued personal development leading to the award in 2010 of an MPhil in Transformational Leadership and high performance. He leaves the Army in 2011 in order to follow his passion for leadership and helping others to maximise their own leadership potential.

Well versed in behavioural science, Tim has a developed understanding of the relationships between leadership, values, motivation, teamwork and performance. He led the ‘Values Based’ transformation of training culture within the Army’s individual training organisation based upon positive psychology, learner ownership and role modelling of high performance behaviour. He is qualified and very experienced in the implementation and management of coaching and mentoring culture at both individual and organisational levels.

Tim is an active member of a voluntary Mountain Rescue team and a qualified medic. He has been married to Helen for 25 years and has two teenage sons. He enjoys staying physically fit, reading, cinema and training his border collie ‘Maisy’.
I am excited by the concept of ‘Advancing Leaders’, which focuses on self-awareness and authentic leadership of its members, toward ‘Triple Bottom Line’ objectives in high performing organisations.-

Triple Bottom Line: Profit, People and Planet.