Advancing Leaders

"None of us is smarter than all of us"

Anthony Brook

Founder and CEO of Challenging Leaders, Anthony was a member of a CEO peer group for 9 years until 2007 and found it to be the source of the most practical & supportive help he could have imagined during that time.

For many years Anthony was the owner of Chickway Systems Ltd, which manufactured and supplied dynamic, overhead weighing systems to poultry slaughterhouses. He closed this business in 2007 and started to help a number of companies with sales and marketing strategies, concentrating increasingly on a worldwide CEO member organisation, Vistage, which runs peer groups serving owners of smaller businesses in the main.

During 2009 Anthony piloted a number of peer groups himself in order to design the ‘perfect’ peer group proposition. The results are Challenging Leaders, Advancing Leaders and Born Leaders aimed at various levels of executive involved in all sizes of private, public and 3rd sector organisations. Diversity in each group is a key theme for all our groups as it is proven to produce better outcomes for all in a peer environment, at the strategic level. We deliberately set out to avoid the “white blokes’ small business owners club” market.

Born and mainly educated in Huddersfield Anthony has a great deal of sales, marketing and general management experience in such diverse areas as manufacturing, service, export, high value capital goods, high volume, low margin etc.

He graduated from the Common Purpose programme in 2009 and is honoured to maintain his involvement by being active on the Yorkshire Advisory group.

He is a mentor at a number of secondary schools in West Yorkshire.

Born in June 1961 his hobbies are football and skiing. He goes to the gym most mornings – and hates it.

He is separated and has 2 children – Thomas (b 08.1995) and Holly (b 08.1998)