Advancing Leaders

None of us is smarter than all of us

Who are we?

Anthony Brook

Founder and CEO of Challenging Leaders, Anthony was a member of a CEO peer group for 9 years until 2007 and found it to be the source of the most practical & supportive help he could have imagined during that time.

For many years Anthony was the owner of Chickway Systems Ltd, which manufactured and supplied dynamic, overhead weighing systems to po…

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Tim Cain

Tim Cain has a rare combination of applied and theoretical leadership expertise. Having served as a British Army Infantry Officer for over twenty eight years on operations around the world, his professional specialisation is as a trainer and training manager for which he was awarded the M.B.E. He has reinforced his practical experience through co…

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Jon Hammond

Our first expert speaker, Jon is typical of the calibre we will have on our panel. His background and the level at which he typically works is aligned totally with our member profile.

Jon is one of the UK’s most experienced Presentation, Media and Communication Coaches with a who’s who of business leaders and leading companies amongs…

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