Advancing Leaders

None of us is smarter than all of us

Objectivity, impartiality, confidentiality - when was the last time you felt you were in an environment with all three?

“One of the biggest challenges a CEO has is that everyone looks to them for all the answers and being able to share your thoughts with someone removed from your business can be nigh on impossible. I sceptically attended an Advancing Leaders session and found that people were able to talk openly about their issues and get quality feedback from the group. I found it a very useful experience and something that most CEOs would benefit from.”

Ajaz Ahmed

Founder of Freeserve and CEO of

Your meetings

We aim to facilitate your growth and development beyond your aspirations in a safe, supportive, challenging and diverse environment.  We believe that these aims will be more consistently achieved with true diversity, be it gender, ethnicity or sector in each of our peer groups.

You will receive 9 hours per annum of 1:1 time with your group Chair. You will choose when to call off this 1:1 time during the year to suit your circumstances, needs and diary at the time.

You will have access to 4 one hour 1:1 consultations per annum with the expert speakers (see below).

There is an expectation that you will change groups at least once during your journey with Advancing Leaders.

On each anniversary of a member joining a group their fee reduces by 3% – every year!

Your group meetings

You will meet with your group for a full day 8 times a year.

As your group forms and bonds you will spend more time on the meat of each other’s issues and so the value that each member receives from the group meetings grows exponentially.

Being held accountable at this month’s meeting for what you actually did as a result of the help the group gave you on your strategic challenge last month is often the difference between grasping the nettle and procrastinating for another month or 12.

Your regional meetings

Full day Regional Development Conventions are held 4 times a year. These comprise a morning with a top expert speaker presenting to all, then a series of optional breakout sessions, peer group tasters and other opportunities to mix in a reflective environment with other members from across the region over lunch and in the afternoon.