Advancing Leaders

None of us is smarter than all of us

"....I am excited by the concept of Advancing Leaders, which focuses on self-awareness and authentic leadership of its members, toward 'Triple Bottom Line' objectives in high performing organisations. Triple Bottom Line: Profit, People and Planet." Tim Cain MBE, Group Chair

You deliver

Outstanding value to all your members – ruthlessley and relentlessly – by facilitating peer group meetings and 1:1s of the highest quality to high-performing, ambitious leaders determined to grow and develop themselves and their organisations.

We deliver

You will receive high levels of fulfilment by helping these leaders to grow and develop with high financial reward for limited time commitment.

We provide

We provide the marketing and sales processes which we ask you to support in order to grow your group(s). Most organisations offer to ‘support’ their Chairs in the sales process.

We, and our members, want you to be excellent Chairs active in the selection of your members rather than excellent salespeople active in the delivery of peer group support.